About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy that utilises clinical hypnosis (which is quite different from stage hypnosis!)

It is a brief strategic form of therapy that can be very effective when a specific change is desired, such as addressing a compulsive or addictive behaviour like smoking or gambling, or reducing an emotional over-reaction like social anxiety or a phobia. Sometimes only one session is all you need!

By allowing yourself to develop a state of deep physical and mental relaxation coupled with a highly focused quality of attention you are able to gain greater access to the unconscious processes that influence how you think, how you feel, and how you behave.

My role as your hypnotherapist is to help you to develop the appropriate state (traditionally known as a hypnotic trance) and to then guide you on a therapeutic journey that addresses your specific circumstances and individual needs.

The Buddha

I practise a transpersonal model of hypnotherapy which is grounded in Buddhist psychology and informed by other eastern spiritual traditions.

Transpersonal hypnotherapy offers the following range of creative approaches for exploring and reprocessing any unconscious perceptions that might be resistant to change or that have been difficult to identify with more conventional talking therapies:

  • Regression to and reprocessing of a significant experience earlier in your life (usually childhood)

  • Working with problematic or conflicting parts of your personality (also known as subpersonalities)

  • Working with your shadow (the hidden aspects of your personality)

  • Working with archetypes and your own archetypal energies

  • Accessing your inner guide (the source of wisdom and intuition)

  • Accessing your higher self (the source of compassion and creativity)

  • Self-hypnosis training and induction

  • Past life regression

  • Entity release (also known as depossession)

These approaches can be viewed as theatrical devices for engaging with the creative intelligence of your unconscious mind and you are therefore not required to have any particular beliefs about the reality of any of the above concepts.

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“You already know something
you don't even know
that you know”
(Milton Erickson)